The age of your baby is the most important part of this process. Babies between 3 and 10 days old are the perfect age for a newborn session. After 10 days your baby will begin to "stretch" out and you will no longer be able to have the true newborn look. Images of the baby snuggled in a ball with their knees tucked will be difficult to achieve after 10 days.

A sleeping baby allows us to create images for you on multiple sets, giving you more variety. When your baby is in a deep sleep, it is very easy for us to mold and move the baby into the perfect positions.

Bring a long sleeved dark and light top. Many times we can use mom and/or dad's hands to help hold your baby. This also will allow for intimate portraits of you and your baby without you being prominent in the portrait.

Personalizing a photo of your newborn will make for a more unique image. We suggest you bring some small props that showcase what the parents do for a living, or the parents hobbies.

Relax! Babies can sense your tension. We are accustomed to crying, feeding and mishaps that may occur during your session. Colleen or Erin will do all the work. You can sit and relax for a few minutes knowing your newborn is in good hands.

Please arrive to the studio approx. 20-30 minutes before your session time with your baby hungry and feed the baby once you get to the studio. We have a comfortable, warm room equipped with a glider rocker that is the perfect place to get your baby fed, cozy and asleep. 

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